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We champion diverse stories of joy, truth, and excellence.

Sunny Hostin Productions seeks to tell diverse stories that champion the excellence of people of color with particular interest in women driven narratives; stories that feel substantial and centers the points of view of black and brown men and women; and stories that explore and highlight the LGBTQ+ experience. Our stories seek to uplift and bring joy, while placing an emphasis on portraying the incredible experience of our collective community that continues to inspire.

Our scripted and unscripted projects span across genres in television and feature film. The Sunny Hostin Productions slate includes drama, politics, wellness and travel, social experiments, social justice, and true crime that is highly powered by suspense.

Meet Our Founder

Sunny Hostin

Founder/CEO of Sunny Hostin Productions

Sunny Hostin is a four-time Emmy-award winning journalist and lawyer. She is widely known as a social commentator and has covered many of the major legal, political, and cultural community stories of today. She is co-host on ABC's morning talk show The View as well as the Senior Legal Correspondent and Analyst for ABC News. She is a thoughtful and trusted voice of America with a relatable and accessible personality. In her social circles, she is naturally a gracious and fun host. Guests are frequently engaged in lively conversations about hot topics in a relaxed atmosphere.

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