10 Oct 2023

Sunny Hostin’s ‘Summer on Sag Harbor’ Becomes A Bestseller

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Sunny Hostin didn’t really feel the pressure until her third book. The first, her memoir, was a national bestseller, and then her fiction debut, “Summer on the Bluffs,” became a New York Times bestseller. When she mulled the idea of a second novel, she started to worry about disappointing her readers.

“It took me two years to write this one because I was nervous. I was like, ‘I can’t catch lightning in a bottle again,’” she says. 

Hostin, the ABC News correspondent and cohost of “The View,” was motivated to write a second novel after the fans of her first one began asking follow-up questions about her characters. “Summer on the Bluffs,” which takes place on Martha’s Vineyard, came out during the pandemic and Hostin was therefore limited to a virtual book tour, which meant meeting with a lot of book clubs over Zoom.