Summer on Sag

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In a hidden enclave in Sag Harbor, there’s a close-knit community of African American elites who escape the city for the beautiful beaches of the Hamptons. Since the 1930s, very few have known about this Historically Black Beachfront Community in this part of Long Island, and the residents like it that way.

That is, until real estate developers discover the hidden gem. And now, the residents must fight for the soul of this HBBC.

Olivia Jones has, against the odds, blazed an enviable career path in the finance world, but behind the veneer of her success, she is mourning several devastating losses and betrayals. Untethered from her life in New York City, Olivia moves to a summer home in Sag Harbor and begins forging a new community out in this HBBC. Friendships blossom with Kara, an ambitious art curator; Whitney, the wife of an ex-basketball player and current president of the Sag Harbor Homeowners Association; Garrett, a sexy new neighbor and single father; and Mr. Whittingham, a kind, older gentleman.

As the summer stretches on, each relationship teaches her more about who she really is. Though not without cost, Olivia’s search for her authentic identity and her fight to preserve her new Black utopia, will lead her to redefine the meaning of love, friendship, community, and family—and restore her faith in herself and her chosen path.

This is the second book in Sunny Hostin’s summer series. Book to develop into scripted series.

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